Available in round and plate
P-VC: Indications jobs
Chemical and electroplating vats, tanks, ducts, electrical industries, mechanical engineering.
Advertising sign, signage.

Polypropylene (p-p): Indications jobs
Chemical industry, leather, block cutting, industrial boiler works.
Food Industry.

: Indications jobs
All mechanical applications, bearings, gears, bearings, rollers, gears and generally all applications involving mechanical efforts and significant friction.

Polyacetal (
: Indications jobs
Mechanical parts submerged maximum rigidity even working under high stress.
Eg gears and bearings.

: Indications jobs
Industries mechanical, electrical and chemical. Stationery, Marine.
friction parts and segmentation gears (plates), roller bearing (circles).

Indications jobs
Mechanical industries, bearings, wear plates, slides, wheels and rollers, roller transport, idlers, pulleys and cable wheels, eccentric, stops, hammer heads, scrapers, gear wheels and gear, sealing rings element coupling, etc ...

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